WebsitDoctors.com – For Sale or Lease to Purchase

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In 1997 I purchased (registered) this name because I figured every website needs a doctor.

Since then, I have received many ideas from Medical Doctors and others who would like to make the site an online Medical help service where one could get 24/7 help, with webcams, around the globe, without insurance, or for a low budget.

Imagine this. You are injured and bleeding, you or or someone goes to WebsiteDoctors.com. The Website Doctor on duty looks at your injury through your webcam and walks you through first aid from direct pressure to going to the Insta-care or calling 911. He shows you how to bandage it and gives you other instructions.

Maybe you just feel lousy. You go to WebsiteDoctors.com (since you are a member @ $9 per month), and the Doctor online listens to you, looks at you through your webcam, and says, it does not look like you are in need of critical help, so take this medicine, do this, eat that, and lets look at you again tomorrow.

First-responders can now use webcams to get MD guidance while they save our lives! You could be in an accident and pull out a smart phone or tablet and have a Website Doctor diagnosing your injuries through your cam and save you or your loved one!

The doctor could be in the UK or Australia, Texas, or Japan! You could request a doctor or nurse in your area and the server is far away from the legal leeches, in Panama or Ecuador! Doctors will line up to provide coverage for 24 time zones! My own cardiologist said it was genius and is ready to get on board! My wife’s oncologist said it was brilliant and would love to see it work! Everyone is happy to keep the malpractice lawyers at bay.

Of course, only licensed Doctors and medical professionals would be online, but imagine no fear of lawsuits! That’s why it could be done for $9 per month! If I wasn’t retiring, I would be all over this.

Could you make any money operating it? Well, with the 30 to 60 million under-insured people in the U.S., countless European, Indian, Middle-Easterners, Hispanic, Slavic, and Asian countries… do the math.

Simplify the business plan, one million members at $9 per month. Thats only about 100 million per year divided between however many doctors it would take. If it’s not enough to cover their Wednesday golfing, then think about the lives that could be saved or improved.
Email me: admin@My-Name.com

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